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Découvrir les Cévennes

According to a widespread etymology, the name "Cévennes" comes from the occitan term"Ceba", meaning "onion". This describes in a vivid way the layers of schist that make up the mountains of the region.The Cévennes mountain range is composed of several different rocks(schist, granite, limestone, dolomites and sandstones)While their weather is Mediterranean, the Cévennes frequently undergo a number of "Cévenols Phenomena"typical of the region.

The economics activities are essentially based on green tourism and agropastoralism.

Aux alentours

Saint Etienne Vallée Française

The village of Saint Etienne vallée française is located 4.5 km away from the Ranc.

It features a grocery shop, two bakeries, a café/tobacconist, a post office, a doctor, a pharmacy, a nurse, a taxi company, an emergency post.

A local market takes place every Monday night.

Bambous in Anduze



The Cévennes National Park




Vultures reintroduced in the area.

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